Since when the National Payment Gateway (NPG) effectively implemented?

NPG has been implemented since December 4th 2017 through interconnection and interoperability of debit card and e-money service appliance. Furthermore, this will be applied to another service such as invoice-based service, online payment, etc. The real NPG implementation on a debit card is transactions on every merchant available that refer to the NPG’s scheme, including the price scheme which is more efficient than before. As for the e-money, NPG implemented the use of e-money on the highway.

How about the customer security system after the implementation of NPG?

NPG sets the standards used by the industry for interconnection and interoperability on transaction instrument, payment gate and switching, also security. The standard arrangement is based on the international best practice safety standard and the implementation also goes through the certification process.

Do all debit cards with national logo (NPG) can be used on EDC Machine from the other banks?

All debit card with national logo (NPG) can use every EDC machine of all banks in Indonesia because the debit card has met the interconnection and safety testing.

After the NPG implementation, does every new customer immediately get the NPG card?

The publication of the card with national logo (NPG) has been gradually started since March 2018, every bank customer can get the NPG card at the nearest bank branch office by switching the old card with the new one or open a new bank account to get the NPG card.

Does NPG card can be used abroad?

Currently, NPG card only can be used domestically. As for transaction which is done abroad (cross border), people can use cards with international logo.

What are the benefits of National Payment Gateway (NPG) for merchants?

One EDC machine for all type of debit cards, MDR fee scale standardization, more effective Cash Handling, avoiding the risk of money falsification and theft, wider market share.

What are the benefits of National Payment Gateway (NPG) for customers?

Customer can make transaction on every EDC machine throughout Indonesia, free of merchant charge, no need to carry big amount of cash, and shop conveniently.

What is the National Payment Gateway?

National Payment Gateway (NPG) is a system which connects various electronic payment or cashless transaction on all bank instrument in one payment system. Simply put, there is no need for people to find EDC machine from the same bank with their card because all cards which have NPG logo can be used on every EDC machine in Indonesia.

If I experience problems or struggle when making a transaction on Jaringan PRIMA, whom should I contact?

For every problem which is faced while doing a transaction on Jaringan PRIMA such as card retained by ATM, failed transaction, etc. you can contact the customer service of the branch office where you opened their bank account.

How much the cost for making transaction through Jaringan PRIMA?

The transaction fee charged to customers when performing a transaction on Jaringan PRIMA is determined by each card-issuing bank policy where the customer first made an account. For further information, customers can ask questions regarding this matter to the customer service of the card-issuing bank.

How long does the complaints handling process take in Jaringan PRIMA?

Every complaint coming to Jaringan PRIMA will be processed no later than 14 work-days from the date when the complaints are received by Jaringan PRIMA bank partners.

How about the transaction security in Jaringan PRIMA?

Performing transaction on Jaringan PRIMA is secured because each transaction done in Jaringan PRIMA uses PIN authorization.