A service providing payment convenience with QR code method through QRIS (QR Code Indonesian Standard) all across Indonesia. QRIS is QR code payment standard for Indonesia payment system developed by Bank Indonesia and Asosiasi Sistem Pembayaran Indonesia (ASPI). QRIS is one of the with QR code-based digital payment innovation, as the manifest of 2025 Indonesia Payment System implementation for digital economy and finance development.


Jaringan PRIMA provides easy solution for all of customers of Jaringan PRIMA's partners in foreign countries (Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand) to do Cash Withdrawal and Check Balance on ATM networks with APN logo.



  1. Convenience in claim settlement
  2. Convenience in report management
  3. Convenience in settlement with existing account and mechanism
  4. Convenience in system connection and communication network
  5. 24 hours PRIMA monitoring service
  6. Support for issuer in customer socialization
  7. Support for acquirer in merchant socialization
  8. Jaringan PRIMA service development potential