A service providing payment convenience with QR code method through QRIS (QR Code Indonesian Standard) all across Indonesia. QRIS is QR code payment standard for Indonesia payment system developed by Bank Indonesia and Asosiasi Sistem Pembayaran Indonesia (ASPI). QRIS is one of the digital payment innovation with QR code basis, as the manifest of 2025 Indonesia Payment System implementation for digital economy and finance development.

As part of Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN), QRIS provides digital payment convenience utilizing various server based electronic money application,  e-wallet or mobile banking which possess QR code payment feature in Indonesia. Whoever owns a phone with camera, internet connection, and payment account with QR code feature would be able to transact with QRIS.


Jaringan PRIMA's service which facilitate customers to do banking transaction abroad and also for foreign visitors in Indonesia.

The transaction that can be done is listed below:
Customers of Jaringan PRIMA's partners are able to do purchase transaction in Malaysia (Paynet), Thailand (ITMX), Singapore (NETS), and vice versa.



For Application User :
  1. Up-to-date, easy, fast, and secure as all QRIS providers are licensed and monitored by Bank Indonesia
  2. Cashless
  3. Practical in QR code payment, as it requires non-specific QR code, QRIS is accepted by all digital payment application
  4. Transaction recorded automatically. User will receives notification in application when conducting transaction
For Merchant :
  1. Increased sales potential as merchants accept any QR code-based payment
  2. Following the latest payment trend, therefore expands the branding
  3. Practical with QRIS as single QR code usage
  4. Reduced cash management fee and cash change money
  5. Prevents counterfeit money
  6. Transaction recorded automatically. Merchant will receives notification in application when customer conducting transaction with QR code with traceable transaction history
  7. Separated business and personal fund
  8. Practical reconciliation and prevents mistake / fraud from cash transaction accounting

Building credit profile information for easier credit acquisition in the future