PRIMA DEBIT is one of Jaringan PRIMA products that provide easy cashless payment transaction with debit cards on all EDC machines in Indonesia.

PRIMA DEBIT is in line with the program that is presented by Bank Indonesia and the payment system industry, namely NPG or the National Payment Gateway.


  1. Jaringan PRIMA is highly experienced in providing debit service in Indonesia
  2. Increase fee based income for banks
  3. Qualified systems and operations
  4. 14 EDC acquirers are connected with PRIMA DEBIT:
    • Bank BCA
    • Bank BRI
    • Bank Mandiri
    • Bank CIMB Niaga
    • Bank Mega
    • Bank Danamon
    • Bank Sinarmas
    • Bank Sumselbabel
    • Bank Maybank
    • Bank BJB
    • Bank Bukopin
    • Citibank
    • Bank Ina Perdana
    • Bank Banten
  5. More than 60 issuer banks are connected with PRIMA DEBIT
  6. More than 1.200.000 EDC networks in Indonesia
  7. Within migration process, the debit issuer in Jaringan PRIMA can access the EDC in all over Indonesia
  8. Easy claim settlement
  9. Easy report management
  10. Easy settlement by using account and existing mechanism
  11. Minimize points of failure by performing transactions with debit cards in the same network
  12. Support the acquirer through socialization to the merchant
  13. Support the issuer through socialization to the customers
  14. 24 hours PRIMA monitoring service