Easy electronic payment transactions with safety, quality, and efficiency on every EDC machine located in all over Indonesia.

PRIMA DEBIT is one of Jaringan PRIMA’s products that in line with Bank Indonesia’s policy, namely National Payment Getaway. NPG or National Payment Getaway is a program which is initiated by Bank Indonesia and the payment system industry for convenient cashless transactions throughout Indonesia where ATM/Debit cards can be used to pay all transactions on every EDC machine.


For Customer :
  1. Customer can perform transactions on every EDC machine in all over Indonesia
  2. No merchant fee
  3. No need to carry big amount of cash
  4. Shopping is easier and more convenient
For Merchant :
  1. One EDC machine for all type of debit cards
  2. MDR fee standardization
  3. Avoid the risk of counterfeit money and theft, make cash handling more effective
  4. Wider market share