jaringanprima.co.id will prioritize your privacy whenever you access our website. Hereby we will explain what kind of information we collect:


List of Information That is Always Collected

All web servers basically will collect information about the visitors. This information includes but not limited to IP address, browser details, time visiting, and page references. All the information mentioned beforehand can’t be used to identify or detect who the actual visitor is specifically. So, your personal information will be safe. The information obtained is for administrative purposes only.


Cookies and Web Beacons

When needed, jaringanprima.co.id will use cookies to store the information about your preferences and activity on the previous or current visit, so we can serve you better with more personalized content. Advertising media partners and third parties can use cookies, scripts, and web beacons to generate information for advertising purposes and site improvement. This information will be collected directly by the third parties through their web server and will be adjusted to the applicable privacy policy.


Manage Your Privacy

Keep in mind that you have the authority to change the browser configuration to disable cookies if you want to maintain your privacy. However, disabling cookies for the entire website is not recommended considering this could affect your browsing experience on a certain website. Activating or deactivating cookies could be done according to the needs of each website for the best experience. To disable the cookies, check the instruction on your browser for more info.


Special Note Regarding Google Ads

All advertisements displayed by Google, Inc., and other affiliated companies are controlled via cookies. These cookies will allow Google to display advertisements for visitors that use Google’s advertising services. Learn how to use this Google ad. As explained above, all searches performed by Google through cookies and other mechanisms are related to the Privacy Policy.


Contact Us

Questions and/or all matters related to this privacy policy can be asked via primacare@rintis.co.id for further info.