Bank Mandiri Payment Aggregator Collaboration through Jaringan Prima

19 October 2017

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Jakarta, 19 October 2017 – Bank Mandiri constantly inovating in reinforcing digital banking service  to provide convenience and luxury for customers. This consistency shown through company collaboration with switching service operator PT Rintis Sejahtera (Rintis) in billers partner payment in Rintis network. 

In this collaboration, Bank Mandiri and PT. Rintis Sejahtera agreed to apply Aggregator concept in which Rintis would facilitate the payment transaction for Jaringan PRIMA billers partner for Bank Mandiri e-channel by realtime online. This aggregator concept utilization, according to Rico, would benefit from administration and technical side because Bank Mandiri only have to connects to Rintis without have to directly connects to Billers Partner.  

“Therefore, customers of Jaringan PRIMA billers partner also could conduct payment transaction at Bank Mandiri. We hope, this collaboration could also enhance the benefit offered by Rintis for billers partner,” said Rico.

Currently, the Rintis biller partners service which ready to integrates with Bank Mandiri network are: PT Central Asia Raya (CAR Insurance), PT. Asuransi Central Asia (Central Asia Insurance), PT. Adya Tours (, PT. Sun Life Financial Indonesia (Sunlife), PT. Digdaya Duta Digital (Dens TV), PT. Mega Central Finance (MegaFinance), PT. Nusantara Sejahtera Raya (Cinema XXI / MTIX), PT. Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (NET1), dan PT. Mobil Biru International (Blue Mobile).

According to Rintis Sejahtera President Director Iwan Setiawan, this collaboration is a pride for Jaringan Prima as Payment Aggregator and Billers Partner along with Bank Mandiri to realize solutions payment service which would provide convenience and comfort for society served by Bank Mandiri.

Moreover, this collaboration supports Bank Mandiri which consistently developing digital banking service for customers and actualize the vision of Bank Mandiri to become Asian Best Prominent.